by PTang Studio Limited

ASYA Sales Gallery Design Concept
Located in Jakarta Indonesia, Asya is the family orientated and warm-hearted development which centers around the family ancestry as a concept. Using the family tree as a physical concept, various architectural elements trickles and flows through the space as lighting and partition features. The various spaces are structured with interconnecting components, warm lighting with soft textures throughout to echo the warmth and sentiment within the areas. These physical details weave and envelop the visitor within a comfortable surround, reiterating the sense of familial protection and nurture, creating different functional areas of open and enclosed spaces without making the space too small. The Reception sculpture is an abstraction of a tree, simulating the concept of lineage.

PTANG STUDIO LIMITED was established in 1997 and engages in diverse scope of projects: ranging from small scale residential, show flat design to large scale commercial works like corporate headquarters and movie launching functions. As a professional consultant, we engaged a wide range of projects in Hong Kong, China, Japan and The UK.
Seeking for the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends existing boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is our aim. Our excellence and quality of work can be reflected from our well-deserved reputation established.
Our company is organized around a series of teams, each of which is managed by experienced designer. We do believe our aggressive and energetic designers with professional experiences are able to provide the best services for our clients.